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Off Dutee offers performance fashion for every woman, our styles can be worn all day every day. We want every woman to have clothes that are designed for their active lifestyle. As a female owned brand, we are women designing for other women and therefore want them to feel confident and comfortable all day and not just for the gym.

Our collections reflect and empower healthy lifestyles and mindsets. We understand the role our clothing plays in the customer’s life and rather than just offering active wear we focus on styles our customer’s can wear all day that carry you over from the gym. Whether you start your day with a breakfast meeting or a workout, meet friends for brunch, grab drinks after a long day in the office or catch a flight; you can always feel stylish and relaxed in Off Dutee celebrating an active was of life. As a brand, we understand the demands made of activewear and provide our fashion conscious community with a full range which is ever growing to keep up.

Each style is lovingly designed to not only perform technically but also to meet our customer’s high expectations for the aesthetics, quality and price. Our brand is proud to use the finest technical fabrics for all our collections. Every style is tailored for each phase of daily life and is carefully thought about regarding design aesthetic and functionality for a versatile and fashion driven wardrobe, designing for the woman who can achieve it all.

Focusing on design aesthetics, Off Dutee pays great attention to detail with an emphasis on clean lines, neutral tones and unique collections. Inspired by models and their off duty timeless style our collections reflect this sleek, understated, feminine look.


Their adventure started in New York, within Vogue HQ, Times Square. Hitting the ground running, as soon as they stepped off the plane, to keep up with the fast paced lives of the fashion pack showed them how life could be. Mixing with high powered women including; models, fashion editors, designers, stylists, photographers and actresses each with their own unique lifestyle was aspirational. In additional to this a brief fashion encounter with Sarah Jessica Parker in a Vogue elevator started the internal motivation they needed to begin the brand. The rest is history.

One co-founder, now a young mother understands the demands of her own time-precious lifestyle and designs with the focus of versatility and mindful movement. Her goals are to create collections that are functional, interchangeable and also beautiful.

The other co-founder, a survivor of the unpredictable twists and turns life throws at women had the strength it takes to overcome an abusive relationship to create collections which empower women and make them feel confident inside and out. Focusing on fitness to channel positivity, she understands the functionality needed for studio to street clothes and it’s her core mission to make women feel stronger than they even know they are. This allows Off Dutee to build an ever evolving brand for women who are are adapting and changing in our modern world.

Together they are passionate about creating clothes that have the innate understanding of style, empower positive lifestyles and reflect wellbeing and everyday living. They design for women with hopes and fears, who strives to be their best with extreme internal motivation for a life lived consciously. As a team they are devoted to quality, ensuring the manufacturers and materials are the absolute best, fusing luxury with performance in every collection.


We want our brand to be the go-to brand for women to get their performance wear, their travel wear and their everyday wear all under one roof. Off Dutee stands for independent, strong busy women and we celebrate this by collaborating with like minded women to produce every evolving exclusive capsule collections for our customers.

Offering high performance lifestyle clothing that blends seamlessly from one collection to the next Off Dutee is the perfect street brand creating comfortable, versatile fashion not just for the studio but for a life lived consciously.

Our collections are designed for women by women who understand the demands and stresses of every day busy lives. This mindset is always at the core of what we do at Off Dutee, producing beautiful, strong, versatile and functioning performance fashion for everyone.


We only partner with ethical factories who meet all our standards. All our fabrics and trims are responsibly sourced and we design in London and manufacture in Portugal, China and Bali. As a brand we are dedicated to promoting a healthy active lifestyle and as a part of this mindfulness, we understand the importance to only partner with factories that believe in our core values and want to create a better future for generations to come.

Through our Bali factories we support R.O.L.E foundation, a zero waste to oceans organisation within the community which focuses on interactive waste management education for school children, helps promote environmentally healthy jobs and businesses and works together with other organisations for positive change to ensure healthy environments. Our goal is to utilise recycled polyester and packaging where ever possible and we work in partnership with our suppliers to achieve this.

The welfare of animals is also at the forefront of our company beliefs and as a brand we are fur and animal cruelty free. Together Off Dutee is socially and environmentally responsible and is committed to applying this belief to all parts of the business. We strongly believe in ethics and value the world we live in, thus our goal is to help to contribute towards a healthy mindset and positive life for the future.